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How Ocean Merlani Stole their Navigator:
A Strange Space Novel

Ocean front cover.png

A new adventure begins...
Every starship wanting to use the veiled dimension of Quantum Space as a shortcut around the physical distance between planets and stars needs a Florivan to run the Drive. Every Florivan QSD Engineer needs an Astral Navigator to orient them and keep them anchored to Normal space. Finding the right human to be their life-long counterpart is one of the most important choices a young Florivan ever makes. What happens, then, to someone like Ocean Merlani Barker, who can’t seem to click with any of the highly qualified Navigator prospects their instructors have to offer? Ocean themself seems content to spend their second year in the Nav/Quan training program alone and taking extra classes for their secondary degree in geosciences. Content, that is, until a chance encounter with a certain graduating student from the Security and Tactical program changes the course of their life forever…
The way forward isn't always the path that we expect.


How Ocean Merlani Stole their Navigator is the second in a series of novellas, short stories, and longer works set in the Strange Space universe. These optimistic science fiction stories center around the enigmatic Florivans and the humans around them and offer readers an entertaining glimpse into a world beyond our own.

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