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Warmth and Darkness: A Strange Space Novella (Ebook)

Warmth and Darkness: A Strange Space Novella (Ebook)


Even in the depths of space, you can find warmth...

Admiral Jennifer Marvin used to think she’d seen everything the galaxy had to throw at her. That, though, was before she met the Florivan Elder Celadon Toreval. She can sum up this Quantum Space Drive Engineer and dear friend of hers in two words: cryptic chaos. Their preference for the company of the most troublesome humans they can possibly find in the Fleet’s ranks doesn’t make matters better.

These days, Admiral Marvin is just grateful that the galaxy occasionally sends her a sign that something unusual is about to upset her carefully laid plans. Whether she manages to see those signs in time to do anything about it, though, is always a gamble.

Join Admiral Marvin’s crew aboard the starship SCV Aegolius  as they face the next chapter in the tales of the Novan War, and find out what new adventure waits for them in the darkness.



Warmth and Darkness: A Strange Space Novella is the fifth installment in Katie Silverwings' award-winning Strange Space Adventures series of optimistic science fiction books.

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